Kinsei has a minion!

Artemis the Purrvocateur

Legacy Name: Kinsei

The Custom Sun Torrey
Owner: Galaxia

Age: 14 years, 4 months, 1 day

Born: September 22nd, 2007

Adopted: 4 years, 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: August 27th, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 9th, 2011


  • Level: 311
  • Strength: 777
  • Defense: 777
  • Speed: 773
  • Health: 907
  • HP: 904/907
  • Intelligence: 261
  • Books Read: 194
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Gold Counter

金 - Metal/Bright/Kin Star

Addressed to my guardian planet (but never answered);

Our name has the characters for 'metal' and 'star'. That makes so much sense given the silver detailing on the blade you held for the Millennium you served, and the gold tiara Sailor Soldiers wear across their brow. But does it have to mean cold and distant? Phantom Ace fell in love with me even before the fall of the Silver Millennium, but never felt as if it was his place to say anything. And when he spoke to me right before his end, at my hands, it was to 'curse' me with duty over love. Nor was he the only man I cared about to meet his death by my powers; Kunzite was one of the four heavenly kings that I and the other Sailor Soldiers had to defeat for the sake of the Princess and Earth's future. So many fallen stars...tell me, guardian, will I have someone I can hold close? Will someone ever share Magellan Castle with me?

Addressed to my friends (but never spoken);

Usagi, as my best friend, you know I am always trying to shine for others. Ami, you know I never give up. Mamoru, you know I tried to stop the darkness from finding you. Rei, you know that I look to you in order to add polish and learn sophistication. Makoto, I understand how you want to find that person to share your glow with, I feel that loneliness as well and want to find love.
To Hotaru, I'm glad that your life is full of laughter and joy and bright smiles; I hope you understand how lucky you are to have parents like Haruka and Michiru and Setsuna. My own mother never found guiding others to be rewarding, and only saw me as her way to be up in lights as the mother of a movie star. I don't think she's ever forgiven me for letting those dreams dim. But sorry! Back to my sailor comrades! I would never try to shade your happiness, or anyone else's, I'm so very happy that we have homes here on Earth.
But sometimes I wonder how much you all need me, even if I would never say it. Always smiling, happy-go-lucky, always racing forward...and always thinking of others, which is not always easy. It's also so selfish to say, I'm sorry! I'll keep shining for all of you and for the public that once loved me as Sailor V, even though Sailor Moon has since eclipsed my stardom with her own. I'll keep shining, even if you don't need the light anymore.

Addressed to Alan and Katarina (but never sent),

Hello! I am practicing my written English in this letter! Forgive my writings and what I get wrong, I am a better hero than a writer. You know what they say, some pigs are better with purses in their ears instead of pearls!
I was thinking of interesting coincidences the other day. 'Kin' 金 (or kane) in Japanese is about metal and can also mean golden, so it is part of the compound term for things like blonde hair (me!) and hardware shops (not me, too clumsy) and cash (not me, too busy). More recently, gienkin is a newer word for donation money, disaster relief, carrying connotations of righteousness and justice and love.
It reminds me of what kin means to you; family, friends, those you cherish and want to protect and also those who are like you. Venus the planet is like Earth, did you know that? The diameters of the planets and their masses are closer than any other two bodies in the inner Solar System. With that it makes sense that I have always been like family to Princess Serenity, her sister in height along with blue eyes and blonde hair. Even our air was similar once, carbon dioxide and oxygen and water. But in the end, Venus wasn't the planet where life survived. Human scientists hypothesize that the moon was important, for how the air (auras?) turned out, grasping the importance of Queen Serenity and the Silver Millennium in their ideas even without knowing the magical details.
Even so, being a reborn Venusian, I am still kin to humans. I AM human, and I love you both as if you were part of myself and I just want you to be happy. I want to love and protect all people, and I will gladly lend my golden strength and encouraging laughter to anyone who needs it. Thank you, I treasure you all so deeply!.


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    Pet Treasure

    Orange Party Streamers

    Libra Pendant

    Orange Happy Planet Plushie

    Unadorned Moonsteel Sword

    Light Tear Crystal

    Light Shard

    Elixir of Love

    Cancer Pendant

    Work Charm


    Likes Fashion Statement Tee

    The Feli Is In Charge Sticker

    Red Small Flitter Mask

    Orange Sailors Collar

    Light Battle Star

    Heart Cutouts

    Likes Boys Statement Tee

    Tarot of Doom, Despair, Desperation and Depravity

    Heart Repair Sticker

    Microphone of The Voice

    Plain Topaz Circlet

    Gold Chain Belt


    Study Charm

    Broken Ornamented Mirror

    Orange Large Damage Counters

    Yellow Coda Caves Crystal

    Pet Friends

    Sailor Pluto
    We're more alike than most people know.

    Meioh Setsuna
    So elegant, and so solemn

    Sailor Moon
    The light of the world

    Tsukino Usagi
    My fellow goofball!

    Princess Serenity
    My princess, my queen.

    Tuxedo Mask
    We remembered first...

    Hino Rei
    So elegant, and so hot-tempered!

    Sailor Mars
    You fire us up so well!

    Mizuno Ami
    So smart!

    Sailor Mercury
    With your tactics, we can't lose!

    Kino Makoto
    The heart of an oak

    Sailor Jupiter
    The strength of an oak

    Seiya Kou