Vithre has a minion!

Kiva the Kopal

Legacy Name: Vithre

The Custom Common Experiment #84
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 8 years, 4 months, 1 week

Born: January 31st, 2015

Adopted: 1 year, 9 months ago

Adopted: September 7th, 2021

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 13th, 2019


  • Level: 97
  • Strength: 191
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 685
  • Books Read: 677
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The house on the remote cliff overlooking Veta Lake could almost be mistaken for a hollowed-out tree with fairy glass admitting shards of rainbow light to the interior. In every room from the small, modern kitchen to the bedroom built to accomodate Vithre's rather unusual body, boasts a window formed from shards of colored glass that were assembled by the hands of their owner. It is a fitting arrangement for Subeta's leading expert in the art of stained glass.

To the rear looms the shoulder of a small mountain peak, hollowed and accessible only by those admitted to the house of Vithre. His studio within the mountain is a place where shards of glass and tinting powders come together to form such glorious sights as the arched Library window overlooking Alexander's vast book collection and the Twelve Faces of the Oracle that visitors to the temple get a glimpse of on those rare occasions they are invited into her presence to surrender some vital spell ingredient for which she has summoned them. A row of immensely strong plate glassteel windows was set into the far wall with a lot of planning and a little magic, allowing him a view of the outer world as he works without allowing moisture or freezing air into the studio to damage the delicate panes being pieced together.

The office is a sort of portal between his private home and the studio where he does his best work. Marquetra, or Mars as everyone calls her, has keys that allow her access at any hour. She is the first one there in the morning before the two journeymen have even risen from bed and she often sits late in her spacious office, running through supply numbers and stacks of bills while Vithre is putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece.

His current project is one that will secure his name in the art history textbooks. The Chancellor ordered the twenty-five panes that will take up an entire wall in the great hall where all the most important decisions of Subeta are made. Each pane depicts a different historical event of major significance in Subeta's history, from the discovery of Atebus to the first Great Pandemic and even the music-filled excitement of Peka-Boo. All corners of Subeta are represented in a great glass mural that is meant to symbolize unity through diversity.

Vithre pours over the pane that is his current focus. It took him hours to mix the shades of paint he wanted to give Oatmeal's coat the perfect golden hue and her bow the precise tint of pink that will almost make viewers want to cuddle the figure in the glass. A close match is never good enough. Vithre has never once failed to get exactly the shade he wants from his mixing. He has an instinct for color that few can rival.

Kiva scurries from the supply shelf back to her master, selecting the can of paint Vithre requires almost before he can ask for it. He was enchanted by the kopal from the first moment he saw her, drawn to the play of colors on her fur that almost made the minion seem like a stained glass creature come to life.

Displayed above his shelves of paint supplies and glass cutting tools is a very special collection he is piecing together for the Delphi Museum. Each and every pet species of Subeta, including all the common experiments, will be shaped from glass in little figurines that will grace scenes depicting the many lands of Subeta and the natives that live there. He only has the aeanoid and lain left to shape before the miniatures will be ready for their new home. The Museum is already negotiating the price on a secondary set of Subeta's best-known heroes and villains.

Vithre moves to another pane after a short time, giving his paint a chance to dry. The pirates and islanders pane is all ready for assembly. Hours pass without him taking any notice. Mars lets the journeymen in. They turn to their own projects, the sort of boring window-making that turns a profit but is below the notice of a master such as Vithre.

Mars knows bits and pieces about his past, though even the assistant he trusts implicitly does not know the full details. He doesn't like talking about the horrible experiments that granted him a brilliant mind and supple hands but left the rest of his body twisted. A reclusive manner of living and a full stock of glass-making supplies are all he asks of life.

It takes another three days to finish putting together the last few frames. Vithre's good mood shows in the straight spines on his back It is when these spines lay flat that his employees brace themselves for a tongue lashing. There have even been rare occasions where Vithre was so disgusted with his own work that he smashed it in his frustration. He is jovial by nature, prone to cracking the sort of jokes shaped from his latest late-night reading. His employees often blink and stare though he can almost always get Mars to crack a smile.

He is always there to supervise the loading of the panes. A very specialized crane with padded claws sets the sections on a panel truck that is built to resist even the slightest road vibrations. Vithre has never had a break that was caused by the company truck. He will not ride with the load. Such primitive transportation is hardly necessary when he can teleport at will.

Vithre has provided amulets of teleportation to those that work for him. Mars has her own and uses it at will. It is efficient timewise, as it is used primarally for all meetings, especially with clients, and other things as she travels all over Subeta for Vithre. The foreman of his crew uses an amulet as well. It is heavier duty as he has to take the crew and their tools and equipment with him to install the windows. This one has to be signed out for each job and returned after it is finished. Vithre does not want his workers getting lazy, though the wrath of Mars when a job is less than perfect saves the master artist the trouble of giving lectures.

Vithre tucks his cloak securely around his body until all but his eyes are hidden from view. He checks to make sure Kiva is comfortably settled on his shoulders then mutters the teleportation spell.

He is there observing each setting, listening to Mars as she barks instructions and watching the faces of the senators as the full effect strikes them. They are awed. Even the mighty Sebastian Phoenix has the look of a small boy seeing a wondrous sight for the first time. Vithre smiles but does not reveal his presence, another anonymous figure in a crowd of onlookers.

Only Mars notices his departure, nodding to let him know she will oversee the cleanup. Back home, Kiva scampers into the kitchen to fetch a pair of bowls. Ice cream is the special treat they share after every successful installation, agreeing on a new flavor craze with each new month that dawns. Last month's sweet and salty combination of butter pecan toffee has given way to the current favorite. Kiva works the ice cream scoop through a thick block of chocolate cherry truffle, not the least bit shy about claiming the spoon.

There are many unfortunate realities a mutant must face but Vithre will forever be grateful that he is incapable of the horror of brain freeze.

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