Snowy Shadow Six has a minion!

Sabrille the Kitteh

Snowy Shadow Six
Legacy Name: Snowy Shadow Six

The Glacier Montre
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 3 years, 8 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 20th, 2017

Adopted: 3 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 20th, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 21st, 2020


  • Level: 98
  • Strength: 176
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 516
  • Books Read: 512
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

SAI Spy in Training

She'd been promoted out of the patrol montres six months ago yet Six found herself monitoring the streets of StarFrost every time she stepped out her front door. Not that the elite village really needed the additional layer of security, with its state-of-the-art laser guidance cannons and automated anti-missile devices. Still, there was something so reassuring about seeing a svelte montre pacing the street and greeting each resident by name.

Six can tell you the exact number of steps from her front door to the entrance of SAI headquarters. She can call off the number of occupants of a room she's been in for five minutes. She knows if you favor the right or left hand (or paw) simply by studying the pattern of the peanut butter spread onto your lunchtime sandwich. No detail escapes her eye, not even the seemingly mundane. Every little piece of knowledge tells a story and she wants to hear them all.

It's why her application to the SAI Agent Academy was accepted. SAI accepts only the best and only ten percent of these will survive the grueling training process to take a ranking agent number.

Six was determined to be among that ten percent.

It was the reason she got up at four in the morning to get a jog in before another day of training began. It was why she had installed a special security lock on the freezer door to keep herself from scarfing down a pint of ice cream unless she really, really needed it. It was also why she hadn't seen most of her friends from the squad since the day she got her security clearance card but they were the good sorts who didn't hold her success against her.

She barely had to pause at the security checkpoint. The two montres on duty knew her by name.

"Hey, Six. You're still crazy enough to stay in the program, I see."

"You're one to talk, Tulsy. I'm not the one diving out of planes without a set of wings...or at least a parachute."

"When your minion is the head of a flock, you don't need such primitive means of reaching the ground."

She asked about Anika's family and teased Myka about working his way through an entire box of donuts. ("You'll get fat as a tutani that way.") There wasn't a member of the squad she couldn't name and even though she had graduated out of their number, she would always have a soft spot in her heart for them.

Her fellow trainees were mostly organized in two ragged lines outside the classroom door. Six took a seat on the marble floor, sipping coffee from the Subebucks foam cup. (How such a mainstream shop had gotten floor space at SAI was a mystery but they certainly ran a steady business.)

Professor Wygles opened the door, his ridiculous goatee wiggling with every word. "Inside, all of you. Today's mission is critical to our survival. Minions are allowed, but they may not make contact."

Sabrille gave Six a pointed look. The kitteh had not forgotten the minion rescue exercise. Her unceremonious introduction to a water tank had left her yowling in protest for the rest of the day. Six shrugged but said nothing. She had told Sabrille time and again about the Minion Room done up in velvet and gold, one designed for maximum comfort and minimal fuss. Sabrille narrowed her eyes. Six knew what the look meant. You had better be right about that minion nip statue the size of Saggitarius Towers.

The classroom was completely dark. The exercise proved to be one focused on evasion tactics. The students had to locate an object - ranging from a pin to a pair of flippers - within a set amount of time. To make matters worse, they had to locate the object that was their assigned color using only a pen light as a guide. They might be disarming a bomb under just such conditions someday.

Six was the first one to complete the exercise. Her experience as a patrol montre had made her good but it was her passion for detail and puzzles that would make her great. She loved figuring things out. The point where most Subetans got frustrated was the point where she was at her best. She was allowed fifteen minutes of quiet as she waited for the rest of her classmates to finish their own round of find the objects. At least two of the remaining group would probably be gone by the end of the week. They were not encouraged to be overly friendly but she made it a point to say "Good job!" to each and every student that emerged from the test chamber.

Her determination had gotten her from a crappy house in Centropolis to StarFrost village. Her refusal to give up had moved her from stocking shelves at Seedlings to working for the patrol montres. This would be the ultimate test of her stamina.

She had never accepted failure in herself. She would not start now. Someday, she would be an executive of SAI.

As the last few made their way out of the chamber, some wandered in the direction of the cafeteria and some returned to their on-base quarters. Since she was privledged enough to make her home in StarFrost, Six rarely stayed on base for the midday break. She was on her way to the security doors when a familiar face brought her up short.

Agent Nvisible was a legend at SAI. He was also familiar with every female from the top-ranking agents to the torrey who did the laundry. He offered Six an easy grin.

"If you ever get tired of these impossible standards of training, might I suggest you transfer to the SAI advertising branch? Girl children of Subeta would flock to sign up for the most boring jobs if they got a look at you in that uniform."

"I'm sure you say that to all the girls Agent Vis. Is that...cabbage in your fur?"

His wince was exaggerated. "A run-in with a rather eccentric kanis. These are the sort of unfortunate daily occurrences you'll have to grow accustomed to. Unless you would like to model. I'm very close friends with the lain in charge of editing SAI magazine, you know."

"Oh yes, I'm sure she's read you cover to cover, dear Vis."

"You are always a delight, Six. Might I suggest we discuss our mutual interests over an evening drink?"

"I'm afraid I have other plans this evening. I have no doubt the dashing Vis will have no difficulty finding someone capable of whispering things not fit for print."

He offered his easy smile. "Not the fellow from accounting, I hope. He could put you to sleep talking about the sub-atomic wrist laser, our newest and greatest not-so-secret weapon."

"No, this one's a fellow from the lab. I hope you will excuse me, dear Vis. On a tight schedule, you know."

They'd had their share of wild nights. She was neither a venomous vixen nor a damsel in distress, yet sometimes he would abandon his usual pursuits and take an interest in her. In fact, she sometimes wondered if he had put in a good word when her application was being processed. He could seem so shallow, yet there was more to Vis than most people suspected.

She allowed herself one chewy caramel with lunch. She could easily eat a few bags and have room for more but discipline demanded she keep herself in the best shape possible.

Afternoon lectures were all dedicated to the most boring theories on the planet. She took careful notes despite her attention wandering every five seconds. She had yet to fail a test, unlike every other individual in the classroom.

As afternoon wore into evening and classes were finally dismissed, she used her evening jog to burn off steam. The last of the leaves were turning colors and getting ready to fall. Jogging would be abandoned in favor of skiing very soon. She didn't mind in the slightest, though the transition from the outdoor pool to one that was indoors was never fun. It was better to swim beneath the stars, as if she'd captured her own private little piece of the ocean.

Rubin showed up at her door precisely at six. He was one of a half-dozen SAI employees she'd gone out with in the past few months. She didn't take the dates very seriously but she made it a point to squeeze as much fun out of her evenings as possible. She was too young to think of settling into some boring domestic scene. She wanted to live it up until the demands of SAI took away such frivolity forever.

Rubin was cute when he smiled. He'd spritzed his fur with something that smelled vaguely like dead flowers. Ruffies weren't known to have a preference for delicious scents but he had a great sense of humor. They visited Peka Park, enjoying a blast from the past night that included a concert by Horns & Roses and food offerings from Subeta's best food trucks. Six nibbled daintily at an order of Veggie Lettuce Wraps. Rubin barely took the time to chew his Burgersaurus Rex. When he leaned in hopefully for a kiss, she pretended to cover a sneeze. His eye was caught by a platter of Cake Forever. How could he take offense at her actions when his face was already buried in a giant mound of cake?

The music was good and the food even better but Six made a mental note to avoid Rubin's next invitation.

She was rather relieved to reach the quiet, clean solitude of her apartment. The flick of a switch in the entry hall revealed a trail of red rose petals. Six couldn't prevent the smile that crept up her lips. No amount of security could keep Agent Vis from going where he wanted to go.

Vis lounged on her bed, pouring a second glass of champagne. Six had to wonder how many he'd enjoyed before her arrival. It was well known that he knew more about good wine than Carl, Saggitarius and Gunter combined.

Vis would be gone even before she woke but Six didn't mind. Her date for the next night would be with a swimming champion that had toured every land of Subeta.

What's the point of living life if you can't live it up now and then?


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