Cefin has a minion!

Kyria the Kiteli

Legacy Name: Cefin

The Spectrum Chai
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 11 years, 1 month, 1 week

Born: January 26th, 2010

Adopted: 5 years, 2 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: January 4th, 2016

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  • Level: 104
  • Strength: 181
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 688
  • Books Read: 681
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The Dancing Sculpter

“Because of its shape, color, pattern and hardness, the stone has its own story to tell. Only when I understand this can I remove the non-essentials and begin to liberate the form within.”
~Tony Angell~

They were fortunate to get property on Delphi Beach, back in the days when the cost of a house by the ocean was practically a cup of sand dollars. During construction, they were never short of friends who would lend a paw to help with paint samples, interior design, or putting up walls and setting sheetrock. In nearly forty years of dwelling in their dream house, they had never once felt the need to remodel. Every detail down to the brass knobs on the kitchen cabinets perfectly suited their taste.

The blue stone house had a wrap-around porch and windows that could stand up to strong winds and pouring rain. A white perimeter fence bearing well-trimmed vines of climbing roses, trumpet vines, and honeysuckle met at an arched arbor upholding a moon gate that admitted visitors to walk the cobbled path leading to the front door. Along either side were adorable blossoms that color enthusiasts would classify somewhere between violet and pink.

Large trees in the backyard that had once supported tree swings and crude treehouse forts were now bordered by pretty flower beds. Just beyond the kitchen door was a garden maintained by Cefin's wife, a lovely square that provided fresh vegetables and savory herbs to add flavor to the many dishes she liked to cook for her family. She also kept a chicken coop with Pessanka hens that would lay brightly colored eggs every other day or so.

The work shop and studio adjacent to the house have always been the sweet dollops of whipped cream to top a confection of a house. Ryn's studio is more modern and trendy, with a glass wall overlooking the beach and spotlights highlighting the paintings she has completed, sometimes by her own hand and sometimes with the aid of Dodger. Her minion has all the artistic intuition of an Artikat and he's not the least bit afraid to use it if he feels Ryn's use of color is too soft. A special set of shelves carved from a hollowed tree trunk display the woven grass handbags and seashell necklaces she offers for sale at the little boardwalk shop the couple takes turns running from noon until sunset.

Cefin's work shop was more messy, his sculpting materials stacked along every wall, lying on wide wooden benches, and filling stackable shelves he picked up at Home Appliances for cheap. There is not a material he would not try to sculpt, from more traditional slabs of stone and marble for commissioned works to pieces of driftwood, blocks of ice, and even the occasional giant block of butter. His wife would only buy squirt bottles of soap for the house as Cefin had a terrible habit of turning bar soap into little works of art too pretty to be run under water and used to scrub dirty paws.

Classic rock music played from a rather outdated radio sitting amidst an assortment of chisels and hammers. The project of the day was a bust of a wealthy devonti that insisted her favorite earrings, necklace and jeweled tiara be made a part of her sculpture. Cefin tapped ever so slightly on the surface of a marble slab with a slight orange tint, a particularly gorgeous slab mixed in with more traditional white blocks in his last order from Thimble & Co. He swayed in time to a guitar riff as he stepped back to admire the set of pearls on a sculpted neck. Ever since he was a young chai passing the radio tower on his way to school, music has had the power to make him dance to a good beat.

The sculpture was good but not his best work. Though he had taken great care with the details, he just did not like the angles shaping to form the tiara and he felt the flow of the devonti's fur was off just a bit. Kyria made a sound like a balloon being deflated. The Kiteli was a little critic but she also had nimble paws perfect for adding those infinitesimal details that took Cefin's greatest sculptures and make them perfect beyond the possibility of imitation.

His wife's lunch call was welcome. Ryn had the table stacked with egg salad sandwiches made of artisan bread and a fresh garden salad topped with a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette. Peach tarts drizzled with cream cheese frosting were still warm from their time in the oven, the topping melting just enough to give them the look of desserts right out of some gourmet restaurant.

He'd been calling her Peaches ever since the day of their engagement, when he reached up to pluck her favorite fruit from the low-hanging branch of a peach tree and managed to slip the little box from his pocket. He'll tell any Subetan that cares to listen that his wife is the sweetest, nicest, brightest, and prettiest Chai on the planet and that her voice puts songbirds to shame. After thirty-six glorious years, he still couldn't believe how beautiful she looked in her wedding gown. Despite the changes her body went through in bearing their five children, his heart still raced each time he saw her in a dress. There was nothing that could make Ryn ugly in his eyes.

"You've outdone yourself again, Peaches. One of these days, the master chefs of Centropolis are going to realize what they're missing and steal you from me."

Ryn laughed lightly and kissed the top of his head as she poured his lemonade. "They couldn't steal me away for all the jewels in the world." She filled the dishes of the minions before sitting down, smiling at how Kyria and Dodger nearly knock each other over in trying to get at their food. "I had a call from Athea today. She said the boys are growing like weeds and Tulli's little girl tries so hard to keep up. I'm so glad the two of them were able to find homes in the same neighborhood."

"Unlike Steven. I can't believe our boy got a research grant to work on Atebus, of all places."

"I was just talking to his wife yesterday. I think it's hard on her, knowing that Greta's about to become a mother when her husband is up there on the moon."

"How is our littlest girl?"

"She's excited, of course. To start a family with twins! It's a good thing that husband of hers has such a good job at the Riverside branch of Subeta Bank."

They ate in silence for a few moments. At the birth of each of his children, Cefin created a special sculpture themed around their birth month and added to each year until they turned eighteen.

"Have you heard from Oria?"

Ryn nodded. "She and Arturo have been working double shifts at the hospital to cover for the shortage. They'll both be happy when the new class of medical students starts seeking resident positions. I'm really hoping those two will take some time together, maybe think about starting a family of their own. I told her we were planning a visit to Greta and Mike this June and asked her to squeeze in a few vacation days."

Cefin chuckled. "You'll never have enough little chais parading our yard at Vesnali, will you?"

He volunteers to go out and get the paper as it is Sunday, the only day of the week when they do not open shop. He waves a friendly greeting to Joe, a common clawsion with a fishing boat and the best Mori and Nori jokes you'll ever hear. Ryn always comes on fishing trips, joining the other neighborhood wives for a bit of gossip and time in the sun.

There would be time for fun and play but he had designated the day for working on that devonti bust. The current song used a little too much base but the lyrics were pleasing. He used the rhythm to clear his thoughts as he made the next cut in the marble.

It was on the third strike that the devonti's ear fell off.

Cefin cursed a bit and set his hammer aside. He had ignored that little voice in his head that told him not to take the strike. He studied the damage, cupping his chin in his paw. Most of the marble was still intact and could be salvaged for another sculpture but it was useless for his custom order.

Had it been an accident? All day he'd been admiring that particular marble block, astonished at how similar it was to the fur around Ryn's muzzle. It reminded him of the orange-pink beauty of peach fuzz on a perfectly ripe fruit.

Ryn's birthday was coming up in about three weeks and wouldn't he love to present something to outdo every gift he'd ever given her.

He could not neglect the work he was paid for, though. He had always been responsible with his time, a trait his fellow art students gave him no small amount of grief about. He liked to finish projects ahead of schedule, to give himself plenty of time for those personal projects he wanted to work on that he knew he could never bring himself to sell.

He set up a white marble slab, once again outlining the devonti's features and carving out the basic structure of her face and jewels. He knew he would have to set that project aside as the craving to correct the peach marble became unbearable.

The deformed devonti would slowly take the shape of two chais dancing together in wedding clothes, their faces carved to show their great joy. Cefin worked until well into the evening, knowing that soon Ryn would come to seek him. It was their tradition to snuggle together on the porch hammock after dinner and watch the stars come out.

He covered both sculptures as Kyria cleaned his tools in the basin sink. Cefin paused with a claw on the light switch, his inner artist content as he looked over the cloth-covered blob that would soon reveal the depths of his love for his wife.


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