Dennis Sherlock Holmes has a minion!

Electricity the Lightning Sylph

Dennis Sherlock Holmes
Legacy Name: Dennis Sherlock Holmes

The Storm Fester
Owner: TracyH

Age: 16 years, 2 months, 1 week

Born: April 30th, 2006

Adopted: 16 years, 2 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: April 30th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 40
  • Strength: 80
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 16
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 113
  • Books Read: 105
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Competitions

Storm Fester Beanbag

Storm Fester Plushie

Hi, my name is Dennis. I am named for TracyH's husband and son. Well except for the Sherlock part. That is from an English detective we all know and love written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I like many things. I like all sorts of sports, baseball, basketball, soccer,football, beach volleyball . I like to fish. I love to swim and water ski on Veta Lake. I also like to hike and jog. Plus we all love to camp. We live at the Veta resort.

It is so fun to be in or near the water.

Because I am storm. I have to be careful not to make storms come up on the lake. I love all water sports. As long as I keep my temper down, I create few storms. My minion Electricity wants me to cause tidal waves and hurricanes, but I told him, "No, I will not do that!!"

Then he tries to start a storm himself. It is always just a tiny little storm no more than a foot each way.:P

My favorite place to go is Delphi Beach and the Carnival. I am great at all the games at the carnival. I love to surf when I am at the beach. I get a little sun too, but I always use my sunscreen. Electricity tries real hard to make storms in the ocean water off of Delphi beach. Thank goodness he is too little to do any damage.

Travis and I work at the same place. I like working at the Trading Card Center.

Oh and do not miss the Mother's Day Memorial Frame and the Patches in my treasure chest.

Here is a picture of the real 2 Dennises.

 photo DP1_zps181eb1de.jpg

Pet Treasure

Stormy Vesnali Egg

Ball Lightning

Roiling Storm Matter

Cloud Taming Comb

Spring Storms

NO Storm Cloud Sticker

Sudden Hailstorm Maze Trading Card

Tempest Plushie

Storm Fester Plushie

Storm Fester Beanbag

Tempest Umbrella


Sudden Rainstorms

Stormy Cloud Nine Beanbag

Storm Droop Beanie

Storm Fluffmuffs

Thunderstorm Weather Sticker

Stormy Mask

Sad Rainy Sticker

Stormy Carved Pumpkin

Black Silkie

Storm Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mosquito Coil

Forest Matchbook

Green Camping Chair

Awesomely Orange Squishy Fishing Lure

Can of Worms

Red Tackle Box

Expensive Fishing Pole

Blue Tackle

Potato Skins

Onion Rings

Fried Mushrooms

Vintage Donadak Plushie Fair Prize

Whipped Cream Funnel Cake

Green Cotton Candy

Carnival Rules


Delphi Carnival Playset

Twilight Sand Castle

Yellow Towel

Purple Towel

Green Sunscreen

Blue Sunscreen

TUBES Surf Magazine

Wavey Bodyboard

Sunnydaze Bodyboard

Palm Tree Surfboard

Flaming Surfboard

Blue Pineapple Beach Shirt

Purple Flower Beach Shirt

Beachy Boomerang

Delphi Sticker

Veta Sticker

Veta Lake Hot Sauce

Delphi Hot Sauce

Veta Lake Football Jersey

Delphi Fairy Tales

Veta Fairy Tales

Cards Issue 1

Promo Fester Trading Card

Lime Green Mini Phone

Green PC

Mothers Day Memorial Frame


Pet Friends

HRH Seymour Patches Holmes



Hyrum Joseph Holmes

Travis Bickle



Deathwarmedover Holmes

Hatchet Face Holmes

Foster Sister

Hannibal Fester
Hannibal Themed Account Mate

Clarice Starfester
Hannibal Themed Account Mate

Will Grafester
Hannibal Themed Account Mate

Alana Bloomfester
Hannibal Themed Account Mate

Adopted Sister

Francis Dolarfester
Hannibal Themed Account Mate

Jack Crawfester
Hannibal Themed Account Mate