Twilight has a minion!

Silvertip the Puretooth

Legacy Name: Cadthey

The Custom Dusk Kumos
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 6 years, 4 months, 1 week

Born: October 28th, 2014

Adopted: 7 months, 4 weeks, 2 days ago

Adopted: July 8th, 2020

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  • Level: 206
  • Strength: 201
  • Defense: 45
  • Speed: 39
  • Health: 56
  • HP: 56/56
  • Intelligence: 1,299
  • Books Read: 1280
  • Food Eaten: 4
  • Job: Managing Editor

The Jester

The forest especially came alive at night.

It was when the sparkles in the glim-glam trees showed their myriad of rainbow colors. It was when the glittering stars gave one an uncompromised view of the heavens that made the heavens seem truly infinite.

It was when Twilight did his best work.

The talented jester had a wicked sense of humor. He loved to switch the lean of the glowing toadstools to fool unwary travelers in taking a roundabout path that would add a few hours to their journey through the woods. It put them at his mercy...for trying out his newest batch of jokes, that is. His pranks were never cruel or dangerous. He simply adored meeting new people and would do anything to get them to stay a little longer.

The latest victim to his sense of humor is on the brink of frustration. The rather stuffy nobleman has just spotted the ring of yellow-spotted toadstools for the third time. He lets loose a gusty sigh and turns to Twilight.

"If I tell you the best joke I've heard this year, will you lead me to the forest's edge."

There's a twinkle in Twilight's eye. "Certainly, my good sir...if you can make me laugh harder than I can make you laugh."

"You go first then."

The tip of Twilight's tail waved merrily. "What's the difference between a wild toadstool and one that grows in the Chancellor's backyard?"

"I give up. What's the difference."

"One is a fungi and the other's only fun for Gus!"

The nobleman chuckled despite himself. Chancellor Gustav would sputter like a rusty spigot if he heard anyone call him Gus.

"Alright...this is one I heard recently at court. What do you get when you cross a lady's fan with the collar of a constable?"

"Tell me!"

"A stiff breeze."

It really wasn't that good of a joke but it was near sunrise, so Twilight took pity on the man. The nobleman dashed through the gap in the trees without a backwards glance, already determined to find another route home, even if it added a few days to the journey.

He loved a fresh spring morning like this one above any other kind. The sparkle of dew, the promise of new life and the tickle of tiny grass blades under his paws filled him with abundant energy. He could find joy in any season - swimming in Clear Lake in the heat of summer, eating his fill of almonds in the autumn and curling up with a good book to get through the long winter - but no season could ever compare to his love of spring.

Silvertip waved the tip of her own tail, sensing her master's good mood and giving him a hopeful look. She tolerated his his roundabout nightly walks but what she really enjoyed was the hunt.

He had such diverse tastes that he rarely had to make an effort to find food for himself. Any meat he took, he left for the less fortunate.

He liked to watch their reaction from a distance.

There were those rare times he'd been caught in the act. An auracat with a wounded hind leg had looked him right in the eye once. He'd given her a saucy wink and a slight bow of the head, holding a paw up to his lips in a gesture not to say anything. She'd made it a point to stay in her cave until dawn had come and gone, finding some tasty morsel every day until she'd fully healed and could once again hunt for herself.

There was really only one thing missing from his life.

Twilight desperately wanted to find a mate, but not just any kumos. Someone who shared his deep-rooted love of the forest. Someone with a sense of humor to match his own who wouldn't simply roll her eyes when he led travelers astray but would join in the fun. Someone who would fall in love with Silvertip at first sight and maybe even have a little wolf companion of her own.

He knew his fantasy would probably never come to pass...but he would never stop seeking her.


Profile Code by: Ringo
Extra Code by: Johnny
Edited by: Chrysariel
Story by Pureflower
Amazing Art by: Foxtrot
Amazing Overlay
Recolor by: Necolasa
Background by: ClipartKey
Blue Light Spark by: FreePngImg
Blue Light Effect Weapon by: Pngtree
Golden Glow by: Roblux
Envelope Icon by:
Name and Friends Art by: Chrysariel

Thanks to SOLARIS for letting me adopt him~ <3

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