Sakaria has a minion!

the Babboo

Legacy Name: Good Heavens

The Arid Feli
Owner: Paula

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: April 21st, 2012

Adopted: 6 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: May 22nd, 2022

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 2nd


  • Level: 62
  • Strength: 155
  • Defense: 156
  • Speed: 148
  • Health: 155
  • HP: 155/155
  • Intelligence: 341
  • Books Read: 335
  • Food Eaten: 48
  • Job: Hotel Owner


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Adopted from Chrysariel;
Story and overlay by Paula;
Image: Shino from 'Kanojo mo Kanojo'.
Good heavens!”, she blurted as both of her hands quickly covered her mouth. There she was, staring at herself in front of the mirror; she knew her master was very a very powerful witch, but never would she think she’d be blessed with such a beautiful transformation.

Sakaria (or Saki) has always known herself as a familiar tied to the witch, having no memory of her past, or siblings or any feline family of her own. She was acquired by that witch at a very young age so they would bond and become a strong pair. Every witch must have their familiar so to have a loyal guard and companion by their side, ready to assist the witch with their spells and magic.

Being a familiar wasn’t all fun and games, it took a lot from her; Saki had to be present twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, always by the witch’ side. You can never know when a spell is coming, when a new recipe is being planned, and Saki would sprint after the ingredients and would help channel magic as well as do the cleaning. Sure it was a stable job, a comfortable life, she would never be left like a stray Feli, lost in the streets like those scenes she watched on TV – the falling rain, the crying, the loneliness and fear.

And now she was staring at her new self: she was a girl. She was an actual human being with arms and legs and hair and the nose. Why was she being blessed like that?

Saki Saki, said the witch, this is what I see for your future. The hands of the witch were grabbing Sakaria’s shoulders from the behind, as the witch was staring as Saki’s reflection from there. Because of your loyalty to me through all these years, not to mention the wonderful work you’ve done and still do, I can make you into a witch just like me. Can you imagine all the works we can do? The spells we can cast? Together, as equals. Sakaria stood there in the same position as she did before, hands in front of the mouth, astonished but so pleased to think she could actually be promoted, she’d never imagined that. Heck, she could have a familiar for herself!

I just need you to do me a favor before, there’s this ingredient I need you to find...

And that’s how Sakaria started her journey. The tiny Feli familiar packed some items to take on the travel with her – some ingredients like herbs, some charms and a lot of cat treats. She had the mission in her mind, the words of the witch were still fresh inside her ears.

Find the holy ember, it is the last thing I need to make you human. Forever, Saki Saki, just that thing and you’ll be your own witch. Oh she could be human forever, cast spells and be free. I put some potions on your bag; They can turn you human for a brief period of time. The only thing to make it last forever is the ember. Saki, please remember that! Save the potions as much as you can, they may be the only chance you have to find the ember. As a fierce and loyal a Feli as Sakaria was, come Heaven or Hell she’d find her master’s desired item and bring it safely to her hands!

If only Sakaria knew the witch was up to no good, and that she would doom herself by killing an angelic being. And all for a spell that was not white magic at all, it was evil and cruel. If only Sakaria knew that she was only the means the witch was using to keep her own hands clean.

Sakaria could not even imagine that because she trusted the witch with all of her heart. She might not know what a "holy ember" was, and she'd never guess it was the heart of an angel, but she was confident in her self that she would accomplish her mission.

She had no idea that she was travelling by the side of her target the whole time. He was a kind stranger she found wandering in the forest, completely lost. He did not know about the witch's plan either, so together they were willing to help each other.

If only someone would warn the two friends...

Pet Treasure

Purple Love Shield

Magical Broomstick

Essence of Seosilver

Crunchy Hairball Control Cat Treats


Allure Potion

Hunters Ring of Stars

Kora Wand of Transformation

Forbidden Lolly

Twilight Potion Plushie

Eau De Cosmic

Ribigee Antennae Bobbers

Mori Staff

Large Black Witch Hat

Purple Witch Plushie

Pet Friends

Icelyn Ashilldr









Fire Heart



Indigo Flame










Shadows Darkstar

Skeptic Frostclaw









Zero Gravity




Zinnia Nova

Zipper Schnipps